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    Right around the corner from Kelly's is a little spot I found at random.

    The place was neat and clean, a nice casual spot to enjoy a pint or two. They had several good craft beers on tap. This included a couple of the local brews. Since I was traveling I prefer to drink the local beers since many do not travel. I would like to see a few more local options.

    The bartender was quite polite. He helped me select a fine cigar to enjoy later.

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    Great little quiet retreat adjacent the Pinellas trail

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    Great little neighborhood bar. Patrons and bartenders are very friendly. Prices are what you would expect for most craft brews. As another reviewer mentioned the sangria was a bit of a let down, seeing how to was just poured out of a pre-bought bottle. I'm not a beer drinker so I really wish they offered more cider options, but my husband appeared to enjoy all of his beers. Any where that has free popcorn I will return to :)

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