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    I've always thought of myself as the type of gal who digs dive bars.  But now I'm second guessing myself.  Everyone raved about Shipwreck Bar as the "best dive bar in Clearwater" but I just wasn't a huge fan.

    From the outside, the decor looks a little cheesy.  But I was still interested in seeing if the inside had the same pirate theme.  It did.  Sorta.  It was kinda like a bar that actual pirates would have hung out in.  Which was kinda cool.  I guess.

    There were four of us in our group and we were able to get a table near the bar, which had a fish tank on the one side of it (which was awesome).  Beers were pretty cheap and the bartender was very friendly.  The patrons all looked like locals, unlike the four of us who were obviously Yanks (with our accents and our pale skin and our incessant Phillies conversation).  

    This bar also had a pool table and a jukebox for those who are looking for that sort of thing.  The men in our group noted that the major game on the night (whatever that means) wasn't being shown on the TVs.  One thing to note- there is smoking in this bar.  Unfortunately I was wearing the only long pants and only jacket I brought with me on this trip.  Sooo... I smelled like smoke for the next three days.  Just something to keep in mind if you visit!

    Overall, this is a very divey dive bar, so if that's your bag, you'll enjoy this spot.

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    Awesome bar. Small, local feel. Great prices & hot bartender. Worth the trip

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    Dive bar!

    I absolutely love this bar.  I venture down to Clearwater beach 2x a year for birthday parties (I live in St. Pete)..... this bar is always a must go to on our list.  The bartender is super friendly and attentive. The four times I've been there the bartender was amazing.... beers are served in mason jars which is pretty cool.
    There is a DJ who plays requested music and just the hits.  He even let my friend and I do karaoke here one night!  
    There is one or two pool tables, they have that blow me test to see if you should be driving.  Bathrooms are super clean.  
    Bar is smokey and dark as I saw in someone else's review.  

    This is for sure a locals bar, but everyone is super friendly and you'll strike new friends in a matter of minutes.  Everyone talks to everyone and everyone has an amazing time.  

    This is a dive bar, so don't except some fancy place.  The interior is in a pirate type of mode which is pretty cool.  They were advertising an 80s party the weekend we went down there, but we didn't make it to the party.  I heard it was pretty good though.

    Good place to stop if you don't want to pay the tourist prices for drinks, and want a chilled laid back night.  We usually stay near the Hilton and walk to the bar which is about 15 minutes, and then call the free beach cab to get us back to the main drag.  It's a safe walk for sure.

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