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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    We went with a party of 12 including 6 kids. Yes we made a reservation and you should too because the place is packed.

    The boss and I went ahead of the rest of the group to have a cocktail before dinner at the bar. We ordered two Stoly's up with olives. (Our usual). First they ask if we want a regular olive or a blue cheese olive. Really? Olive choices. Who would a thunk it!
    We get our drinks and the bartender say that's $10.70. I'm like "What did you say? Did you mean each?" She says nope drinks are always two for one. Yes that means everything in the bar!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

    Now the food!

    Remember there are 12 of us! We order appetizers. We get Calamari, 18 oysters, a pizza, french onion soup dumplings (get these), mussels too & some kind of shrimp salad. Everything comes at the same time and hot or cold as appropriate. Very good stuff.

    They have a $12.5 menu. available all the time. You get lobster bisque or salad, entree and mini dessert. Some of us did not do this. Either way you can't beat it! Fresh Black Grouper, ,filet mignon, you name it. I went off the map and asked for the black grouper with the gumbo on top. Not a problem.

    I never drink this but I went with the sangria for dinner, It was very good. For dessert I tried the sweet potato biegnet's .

    The entire bill with a 20% tip was $300 for 12 people! Get it while you can.

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    Great food, great prices, one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants!  And I LOVE the wodkatinis- Usual Suspect is a dirty with blue cheese stuffed olives- for $5!  For food, recommend the real deal where you pay $12.50 and get cuban bread, soup or salad (recommend lobster bisque), a small dinner (all the seafood options are fresh and delicious), and a dessert (rum cake to die for)!  Their appetizers and flat breads are good as well.  As you can see, I am a regular!

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    As a local it's one of our favorite spots! Great date night. Drink specials are the best around and you can't beat the "Reel Deal" for yummy dinner specials that include soup or salad, a dinner & dessert.
    Fun to eat at the bar too if you can't get a table!

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