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    A little slice 'o heaven, yet not everyone's cup of tea...

    Nestled back in a dim and dingy corner of a Publix shopping center in Island Estates, this quaint little drinkery, where the median age is probably 65+, offers dim lighting, live music, and some dance moves I've never seen before.

    They feature a pianist performing some golden oldies, wonderfully-poured cocktails, and an inviting group of patrons, whom are definitely regulars, yet welcome outsiders in - as long as they're respectful and there to have fun.

    Give this place a try, but be sure to stay away if you're not a smoker; I can still smell cigarettes...

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    I love this place, but you have to understand why.  It's not a beautiful place, or a cool hangout.  It is essentially, a living museum.  Firstly, it is tucked away in a shopping center behind the entrance to a liquor store and adjacent to a Publix supermarket.  If you didn't know it was there, you would probably never find it.  
    Secondly, it is like stepping into a time machine that takes you back to about 1978.  Dark, with blood-red faux leather upholstered seats and booths, the windowless room is dominated by a grand piano with one of those oversized brandy snifters on top of it for use as a tip jar.  And the smoke!  Ye, gods, the smoke -- it is like the patrons are attempting to single-handedly offset the decrease in tobacco consumption in all the states where smoking in bars is now forbidden.  The crowd is almost uniformly local (how could they not be, given the difficulty one has even finding the place?), and friendly.  The service is decent without being great; I think they have a company policy to call every patron "hon."  
        In short, if you can enjoy the irony and insanity of drinking in a smoke-filled room with a bunch of soused geriatrics while some guy in a velvet dinner jacket covers the tune "Brandi - You're a Fine Girl," you will have a blast at Les Partners.

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