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    I was in Clearwater for some personal business and had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying a pleasant buzz the 23rd and 24th of October. A
    Sunday and Monday, I believe.

    Great bar.  Come as you are attitude is exactly what I was looking for.  Drinks are reasonably priced.  TV's, games, full bar and patio.  Not much else a guy like me is looking for. And an apt staff.

    While growing up in Clearwater, I haven't been back in 12 years.  I was happy to find a bar that seemed to attract the local and low-key tourist communties.

    Great service and friendly staff.  I have been bar-tending for about 7 years and Joy, Lauren and James gave nothing but friendly (not cheesey TGI Fridays bull shit) service.  Made me feel at home.  Thanks again guys.  You made my trip.

    And Joy, You have a doppelganger in Portland.  She was in my bar Halloween weekend. It was creepy.  I thought you stalked me home to Portland.

    End note: I would recomend this bar to friend (a cool, non-douchey friend).

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    After a day of relaxing at Clearwater Beach, you may find yourself cruising for a bite to eat.

    Just across the way at 656 S. Gulf View Boulevard, Billy D's restaurant basks in the sun.

    Hot dogs, hamburgers, and pizza are just a few items on the menu.

    However, when state inspectors arrived in September, their visit was less than sunny.

    On September 14, the state forced Billy D's restaurant to close its doors for a day because of roach activity.

    Inspectors discovered over 40 roaches throughout the restaurant, including 6 smashed in the microwave door, 5 live roaches behind a pizza box, and 3 live roaches on the pizza delivery bags.

    'Lots' of dead roaches were also found during their follow up inspection a day later, and a couple more -- one dead, one alive -- found on a March 3 visit

    Since March, Billy D's restaurant has accumulated 73 critical violations, 42 of those critical violations were from the September 14 inspection.

    Inspectors found mold-like growth on some chili and sauerkraut

    Not a place I want to eat at!!

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    This place has new owners and the new nite club part is awesome. Great live music, a few pool tables and great drink prices. All adds up to 5 stars in my book.

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