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    our second time here in 3 days. totally enjoyed the food and service. todd looked after us both times. wine list was wonderfully extensive. all reasonably priced. very accomodating of special requests re food preparation. don't miss this restaurant.

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    It was a cold, and windy night in Clearwater. With plenty of room in the sheltered dining area, we were seated on the patio.. Ordered dinner, and the burger that is advertised " the best on the beach" was horrible. It had no flavor, and it tasted as if the grill needed to be cleaned. The servers did just enough to get the job done. The prices on the menu were difficult to read in the poor lighting. For the cost of the meal, it was a very disappointing experience.

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    Upon arrival we got seated in the backroom across the patio. One can hear their neighbors entire conversation because its really quiet, almost awkward quiet, plus there isn't any background music to dampen their voices out. I learned all about the gentleman in that sat in the back with their friends and how he used to tap dance when he was 17 and that his wife, Susan, who is 44, prefer that he played basketball, but there is no way he could have played because his mom spent too much money on his tap dancing shoes...catch my drift here?

    Aside from the funky atmosphere, I had their Giant Char Grilled Pork Chop with Granny Smith Apples, which was truly fantastic!

    Unfortunately for Bobbys Bistro, their excellent food doesn't fare well with the sub par service and atmosphere...Our waiter Jeff, who Chon N. mentions was excellent, definitely set the tone for the poor experience...

    To be fair, however, I would go back and give it another shot, based on its very positive reviews. Perhaps it was an off night for the restaurant.

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