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    As far as dance clubs go, this one is ridiculously fun.

    Now, please be aware that to really have fun you have to let loose a little and be okay with under 21s and some ratchet messes. Other than that, this place is actually cool.

    There's VIP seating, go go dancers, and a DJ booth. Sometimes, there is live music or a DJ on the patio outside where there's also bars to order drinks from.

    The drink prices are pretty steep, but otherwise, this place is a good time.

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    hooray for std's, hoodrat's and future paternity tests! =-d

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    I have to say i was worried about going to a club that is 18 and over and 21 to drink but i must say overall its actually a pretty good club . they played all types of music i can say i was dancing pretty much the whole night .Let me tell you if Ur a single girl this is buff heaven  from the bouncers there to the guys to the waiters they were looking good . I'm married SO yes i looked but didn't touch  ha ha . the crowds are mixed you have from 18years to the older crowds and let me tell you everyone mingled and had a nice time no dram at the club or anything which was nice .I also enjoyed the outside   it was beautiful the deck was on top of clear water beach you hear the music as you see the stars and boats pass by it was nice  . I had what they call the wave special which was a punch bucket for 12 dollars for up to 4 people . My yummy bucket was filled with lemonade,orangejuice,cocunut rum,pinapple rum and spiced rum it was so yummy and because i was the only drinker  yes i did finish my bucket  lol . Overall i had a blast with my niece and her friends at the club i gotta say

    They only bad part was you had to pay a fee under 21 was $15 ,Florida residents $7 and non florida residents  $10 so boo on that note

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