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    Terrible service, bad management, bad ownership, would not recommend to anyone, find another hookah lounge to go too.

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    A Real Hookah Lounge - The more upscale Hookah lounge for the more upscale hookah smoker

    Upon arriving here for the first time, I had no clue what laid behind the doors or what to expect. Upon entering I was more than pleasantly surprised.

    My first time coming, I came in the middle of the week on relatively non-busy night. The owner, David, was more than welcoming. I then noticed differences between the different hookah lounges I have been acquainted with.
    Normally there are two types of hookah lounges/bars:

    1. The teenage, loud 1960's hippie type lounge with loud music, loud cursing and immaturity.
    2. Then there are the Arab type Hookah Lounges/Restaurants which are a hybrid of either a night club, belly dancer, Arabic music, with a hookah option, or a restaurant with the same features.

    THEN there is this type of Hookah lounge which is Mr. Hookah:
    The rules are clear and upfront which actually make it very unique:
    The first feature, which I like, is the men's dress code (and I'm a guy, however the ladies will appreciate it too): No flip flops, baggy clothing, sleeveless shirts, tank tops or hats).

    The second feature, is the music, the music ranges from blues, to Bob Marley, Enya, and other genres that are easy listening and "cozy" per se. Though the owner is middle eastern, there is no middle eastern music playing, which tones creates a balance of the mix of people, to suit the type of person who wants to chit chat with friends, hang out alone and just enjoy a hookah experience.
    Interestingly enough, I cannot find anything offensive, even in the sense that it could be family friendly. Now I have nothing against the other types of hookah establishments. But this is a real lounge. Kind of like a Starbucks, where anyone can go with a group of friends and just have a good time.

    I would say this establishment is a well kept secret. David, took me to the back and actually gave me a tour of the kitchen, types of tobacco, the freshness of his ingredients, and the coffee is excellent. However, there is no food served. He also taught me how to move the coals effectively across the hookah for the best flavor.

    One of the things I found most interesting, was there option for washed tobacco. I had never heard of that. What washing does (if you choose it) is take out the molasses and glycerin making the hookah even smoother.
    I have returned as a customer and plan on many more enjoyable experiences here. Lastly try the Barrel Coffee...it's awesome!

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    This is a great spot. SUPER clean and the hookah is great, almost like I made it myself, minus the quick light coals. I love that the dress code keeps it more sophisticated than the other places in the area. I don't want to feel like I've entered a college campus....

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