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    This place is a dive bar. But I have been to a few dive bars and I have to say this isn't one of my favorites. The main reason I don't give it three stars is that their beer selection is awful. The only dark beer they have is Amber Bock. I've been to dive bars that carry every beer under the sun, or at least have Guinness. The bar tender has no idea what New Castle Brown Ale is. Which is weird because she's a bartender and also because NCBA is a pretty run of the mill brew these days.

    Most of the people who come here are locals and regulars. I have a friend who frequents often and knows all of the people who are also mainstays. Outside of a couple of really drunk people making fools out of themselves and a decent juke box (if you're at all into the classic rock stuff) there isn't much to this place. I'm not sure if they serve up food.

    There is a billiards table and a place to "dance". From what I observed there a lot of old biker dudes and apparently they have biker nights. It is also apparently a good place for gossip about people in Dunedin and Palm Harbor. Which I guess is cool and good if you know who anyone is talking about.

    Lots of "tough guys", but how tough are drunks? The guy who runs this place is friendly and usually takes care of the riff raf with the help of other regulars. The atmosphere here is one of distant memories and regrets and sorrows all balled up into a strange smell I can't figure out but it is oddly reminiscent of the sea and a pack of Dorals. Somehow when you land on a face here you get pulled into their fermented pasts and see glimpses of missed opportunities. Yet, oddly enough, everyone here seems to crack at least a lazy smile.

    In all if you want a brewsky and you're on the causeway at 1am, stop by the Inn. You may catch a fight or something in the parking lot. Just don't go if you're some kind of emo hipster, brew snob or brooding intellectual. You're not going to feel cool in an ironic way here like you may at the HUB, here you're  just out of place. And you may get your ass kicked.

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