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    We are staying at the Pier house 60 hotel and Jimmy's crows nest is a nice bar. They do have a very limited menu, but the items on it are very good. We thought the chicken quesadillas were very good.

    It's a small bar but its nice to not have to go anywhere but in an elevator to get good drinks and some food

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    I live local (Largo) and like to check out all the new beach places. Went here when it first opened, and liked the view. Drink prices were ok, food was limited. After going there a few times with friends, they wanted $20 to park in their mostly empty garage and or outdoor parking. I tried to explain I wanted to go up to the bar for a few drinks, but there was no talking to the "in charge" parking guy. Bottom line, won't go back. There are many other good choices with free parking, Frenchies, Palm Pavillion and Crabby Bills to name a few. All of these have better food and drink prices. Sent an email to the company but never heard back from them, not surprised. Just another overpriced  tourist joint with a view in my opinion.

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    This place is pretty cool. If you are looking for a killer view of the beach/ocean and a cold drink, look no further.  We did not stay for sunset, but I think we would check it out if we did not have a high room with a great ocean view.  
    We went when we were pretty hungry and craving something like a burger. Come to find out, they only have a very limited bar menu. We got drinks and hummus and pita chips, which took the edge off. But we left in search for a more substantial meal. The drinks were very good, however, and I could definitely see going back. If only they had a little grill up there!

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