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    I wish I could give this tiki bar a better review!! Perhaps I will give it another shot when I am back in Clearwater Beach.  Located behind the Hilton of Clearwater Beach (literally on the beach), it has the perfect location for all the beach-goers.  They even have tables with sun shade umbrellas for perfect lounging outside conditions.  

    We were there for a wedding and all of the wedding attendants kept raving about the pina coladas from the tiki bar.  Tried to get there after dinner, and they were closed (around 10 pm).  So, the next day I made an effort to go in the day time to try them out.  We got there about 3 pm, and it was just a shame that they made my drink with half to a third of the mix it should have been made with... I know, because they use the same recipe in the bar inside the hotel, and it tasted so weak as far as the flavor in comparison.  I would have rather they say they are out of pina colada mix.  I also recieved a huge unwanted amount of attitude from the bar tender when I asked for a straw, instead of an explanation about how stray straws can affect the beach wildlife.

    So, 3 stars for now.  Keep your bar stocked!! And smiley service gets good tips!!

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