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    A great place to meet friends. The food was awesome and the staff was as friendly and accommodating as could be. They have a good tap and bottle list as well. The location can't be beat, its just a short walk from the beach.

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    We found this little gem on an after dinner walk to the beach and decided to go back with some friends recently. I couldn't remember the name but knew the location and found them through the 'nearby' search and pictures on Yelp (hooray for Yelp!).

    I loved the place. It was small-ish with gourmet 'small plates', desserts, drinks, cigars (they'll dip them in cognac for you) and coffees. We sat outside on the patio surrounded by plants and cool beach breezes and a mariachi guitar player serenading us.

    We ordered the Tuna Sashimi, salad with pecans, cherries and gorgonzola and others at our table ordered the olive platter and mushroom/onion flat-bread. All of them looked delicious and no one had complaints. Some table mates ordered some of the craft beer on tap and I got something out of this world with Perry Pear Cider and Frambois. So. Good.

    I will definitely be heading back here when we're across the bridge. It was trendy, romantic and delicious. I will be planning to eat dinner before going back since the small plates are a bit pricey and true to their name. Then I'll totally be digging into at least one of those desserts and french press coffees. Yea, you heard me. At least one.

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    We brought at big group here around 7pm for drinks and small plates.  We were seated right away on the patio which was actually pretty nice for a Florida day.  The fans cooled the air and kept it moving.  

    Our table got the olive tasting platter ($6) which was delicious.  It came with some warm pita bread and seasoned olives.  Another winner was the tuna sashimi that everyone seemed to like. Another table got the hummus platter ($7) and it looked awesome.  

    They have a large beer selection on tap but the menu was kind of annoying.  There were no tap lists other than at the bar on an plasma screen but it rotated from their bottled and on tap selection, each taking about two to three minutes to transition to the next, so you just had to kind of hang out at the bar waiting until the menu you wanted came up.  

    There was some sort of menu you could look at on your phone but I didn't see that until after we were done with dinner so that didn't help us out much.  

    The live music they had the night we were there was a spanish guitar player who was excellent.  Like "why is this guy playing at a beach bar" good.  It made the whole evening so perfectly "South Florida" with the sea breeze and spanish music, I felt like I should have ordered a mojito instead:)

    Our waitress was very friendly and split our checks for us which was nice (we were there with three other couples and ended up buying other drinks so I'm sure it was confusing for her but she was nice about it).  

    A great location, right next to Frenchy's so there was a pay lot very close and we were able to walk right to the beach after wards.

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