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    Great breakfast spot.  Stopped on our way out of town and were all pleased.  My basic bacon/eggs/pancakes/grits combo was excellent, with props going to, strangely enough, the grits.  They were rich and tasted great.  My wife's version of Maggie's Mess was full of the fresh veggies she requested.  My son's Eggs Benedict Arnold was ridiculously rich and was almost more than he could eat, which is saying something for a teenager.  If I lived nearby I'd probably be there every day.

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    Loved this place! Great food and service. Really good prices, too.

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    This is the review I'm submitting to yelp and urban spoon today.  

    Hello, my parents introduced me to your restaurant about 6 months ago, we were completely blown away by it, from the fresh cooking and service. However upon my girlfriend and I arrival today at 10:54 we saw you were really busy which we accepted.  We went in the front doors which is a small area to see how long the wait would be, we moved to the side of the opening door to let people out while a man with a bald head and mustache  "Allen" talked to a younger server about where to place some costumers.  Keep in mind their are no costumers in the front area, people had moved outside to wait for their names to be called.  We waited patiently to talk to him and then another couple entered.  Allen looked at the couple who entered and asked them for their name.  My girlfriend then made a motion that we were their, the couple that came in even acknowledged that to Allen... Allen looked at us and still proceeded to take the other couple's name before us.  At which point I raised my hands and said I'm done.  I understand that you are busy.  I understand things can be confusing.  But to completely ignore us and to also look at us and treat us and if we are lesser people is completely appalling.  We will take our money somewhere else.  And I hope those of you that read this will take your money somewhere else as well.  they dont need it apparently.

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