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    I visited my mother this month and she took me and my brother to Bonefish to celebrate my birthday.

    Bonefish Grill has always been a big family favorite of ours. The food and service  has always been excellent. So good that we all give my mother substantial gift cards for the holidays.

    To say my birthday dinner was a disappointment would be an understatement. I ordered a petite filet medium rare. My mother, a crab cake and sirloin dinner.

    When our meals came; my "filet" was "barely" 3/4 of an inch thick and medium. My mothers "sirloin" was "rare". The first bite of my "filet" was grisly. And, It wasn't a filet. We switched pieces of meat. They had switched the cuts on the order from the "same" bone. (Not exactly the "filet" expected from Bonefish.

    The manager made it a point to come over to the table to tell me that they had something "special" for me because it was my birthday. Needless to say - I never received it. (Not really important to the issue.)

    We have had "excellent" meals from Bonefish in this location for many years now. The service has always been exceptional and steaks so "mouth-watering" you could cut them with a fork. The staff has always been professional and knowledgeable.

    I asked the waiter if my filet had been "butterflied". He assured me "no". He said this was how it comes. (Clearly a young teen who doesn't know what a filet looks like.)

    A minute later the manager showed up. He tried to explain to me that the "filet" often comes this way. Seriously? Did I look like I just fell off a turnip truck? I am an exceptional cook.

    To be fair. We went back a second time during my visit. I "didn't" order the filet. (I did however notice that the elderly woman at the next table evidently "did" receive her birthday surprise.)

    After this visit. (I have to honest. I had been meaning to go by the restaurant for several days to complain about my birthday dinner. However, the afternoon weather just wouldn't permit it.) I was "still"  un-impressed with the meal and the service.You used to get 2 sides with a meal. Now; it's one side and an additional $.50 for another side. A friend paid $4.00 extra to get a vegetable side with an appetizer; which for Florida, I felt a little excessive.

    My birthday experience had been stewing for days. Not the fact that the meal was bad; that they had tried to pull the wool over my eyes. Nor the fact that I never received my birthday surprise. Bottom line is - the place is now the "last" place I would pick of places I want to eat for the price.

    On this visit. At the end of the meal I asked to speak to the manager. And, let me add one thing. On our first visit; We were out in front of the restaurant for several minutes after leaving. Someone who looked like an employee walked out - stared at us and threw his hands up in the air. (To my mind; I felt it was someone who had just been fired from the kitchen. However; no one came out of the restaurant to see us.)

    To make a long story short. I did receive my mothers "gift card " money back for that first dinner as well as a free appetizer. However; "not" without having to repeat myself several times to this "manager" and his asking me what I wanted.
    What I really want is good service, good food and someone in charge here again who "knows" how to run a restaurant and deal with customers.

    Well, _____ (managers name). Well. I "am" yelping about this anyway. You "knew" very well that the first meal wasn't what it should have been. It would have been better to just tell me that you ran out of the filet cuts. However; to try and snow me with 2 pieces of meat from the same bone to me is just ridiculous.

    Be it upper management or whomever. Be prepared to close this location down soon. Everything about it is substandard. And; the locals are saying so as well.

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    Kobi beef burger was big disappointment tonight ,thin cut & dry even though we ordered med rare,bar staff was great

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    Sat at the bar and was very disappointed in the service on a Wednesday night at that ! I found the drinks to be overpriced and the food barely average. I will never return even with this being the absolute closest restaurant to our house (like 200 yards).

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