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    I stopped in here one evening one our way to dinner in downtown Dunedin. Such a cute little shop with all things wine! Anything you can imagine and more. They also have wine tastings, which is fabulous, I bought a bottle of the Mango Mamma wine. They have flavors for all tastes. If you are in Dunedin and have time, you should definitely stop in. I can't wait to go back again and try more delicious wines.

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    Go here if you wanted to try the fruity wines of Florida! The owners are full of knowledge and always helpful in choosing the right wine to meet your needs.

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    Downtown Main Street Dunedin is lined with unique locally owned stores, eateries, & services. This gem only adds to that hometown feel! New owners came in and added special changes to enhance the relaxing experience of the Patio Bar, the Indoor Wine Tasting Bar, and new airy feel of the interior shop! Locally created wines, craft beers, and your fave standard beers are available. There is a handmade cigar rolling station on the patio where an interesting cigar blend is used for a great taste and a fine burn! It is definitely an oasis where you can relax after walking Main Street! There are two HDTVs for your sports viewing pleasure. The "al fresco" seating makes for a most relaxing atmosphere and just emphasizes the "delightful" in Dunedin! Come on down!

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