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    Was sorely disappointed by most everything except the Turkish coffee. The dough on my sambousik appetizer was so tough, it was hard to bite off and chew. The contents were too dry on the 4 tiny pieces. The meat in my Kafya Kabob Platter entree was also too dry and tasteless. The taboule salad was okay. My fiances's shish kabob platter tasted better but very little meat. Felt guilty about taking a bite away from him. Waitress needed training. She was not helpful with recommendations. Had to ask for water refills twice. Had to ask for a second cup with second order of coffee and did not get a spoon with second order. Appeared to be the owner running about but did not acknowledge us nor speak to us. Couldn't they have treated us better since we were the only people in the restaurant the entire time?

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    Great food and an attentive staff.  Don't miss the Kibbe Balls, as this is a fantastic appetizer, and the taboule tastes very fresh.

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    Good food. Cute spot. We had the hummus, filet mignon kebab with salad, French fries, stuffed pita with meat and cheese. Service was good. Good for Florida but that's cus I have yet to eat extremely good food at any restaurant here, at least in my area as of yet.

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