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    The food here is surprisingly very good -- better than what you would most likely expect. The service is so-so, it's a strange set-up, as you're not use to sitting yourself in the given atmosphere that this place gives off. The other patrons are a little weird though, I feel like this is the gathering place of all those experiencing a mid-life crisis. 40 somethings trying to desperately hold on to their "youth" and praying that others still think they're mildly hip and cool.

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    This is a new location in Countryside, where TGiFridays used to be.

    They spruced up the place an added a ton of TVs. It's a great place to each sports.

    The beer selection is excellent, with the usual domestics, some common imports, and some harder to find imports too. I've eaten here twice now and the food is very good. The grouper wrap is excellent, and they have fried pickles. Yum.

    There's bar seating, plenty of tables, and a dog friendly patio. My only complaint is that all the smoke from people on the patio blows right into the open restaurant. They should close that off.

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