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    My boyfriend and I visited Nantucket Bucket for the first time tonight and we were very pleased...our server Kristen was great, when you see how much an employee likes a place it's easy for the patrons to like it as well. We started with the calamari something that a lot of restaurants do, but not many restaurants do well. The calamari was not rubbery or greasy and the flavor was great. For the main course I had the Lobster Roll with Waffle Fries, the lobster tasted fresh their was plenty of it and it did not have too much mayonnaise, I think they were right on the money with this one. My boyfriend got the steam pot and he was very pleased it was huge and the seafood was fresh. We will definitely be going back to the Nantucket Bucket. Thanks again to our waitress Kristen and I'm guessing the owner that came around at the end of the meal to make sure that everything was to our liking.

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    I like the bucket option that can be ordered without sausage or seafood although it's kick ass with all that in there as well. The service at the bar with Kelly is so awesome that I've never sat at any other seat before. Last time I visited I tried the portabella sammich, and reconfirmed my carnivore roots once again. It was really good...but where's the beef? My consort got the grouper, which is great if you absolutely insist on cooking your seafood. Of course I'll be Bach.

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    Not the best, left let down and filled with so much grease. Sad :(

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