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    We love their Fish Tacos. I tried shrimp taco which was also great. The service is always friendly and pleasant.

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    Not bad, but not great. The beer is great they have a good selection of bottled stuff and usually at least a couple quality craft brews on tap. If you want to drink beer while surrounded by fishing decor this is your place. The food is average Florida seafood. Grouper sandwiches, fish tacos, peel and eat shrimp, mahi sandwich, ext. Nothing too innovative. I'm not sure if this place is a franchise or a chain but it has that feel to it. So if you are in Safety Harbor and want to go to a bar that has Florida seafood this is your place.

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    The fresh oysters and wine and beers were great!  High energy on Third Friday. We met nice people and wait staff. Small place...nice.

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