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    Great bar food! Great prices! Nice peeps! Love it! Will def be back!

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    Okay, so Hennessey's isn't going to win any major culinary awards, but let me just state that for a greasy-spoon-bar, they have some damn good food. Working at United Healthcare in Oldsmar, employees order from this place all the time, mainly because it's close and they deliver. So after a while, I jumped on the bandwagon and too began ordering lunch from this place in '06. One day a few years later, I decided to actually drive to them and eat there. When I arrived, I was shocked to see this hole-in-the-wall bar. When I walked in, the place was packed with individuals in the 35+ age group all sitting around guzzling beers and smoking cigarettes. The air was quite thick with cigarette smoke, actually. I couldn't believe this was the place that was churning out some of my favorite lunches--but it was. So I sat down, ordered a chicken Caesar salad and a Blue Moon and enjoyed every bite! This place truly is Oldsmar's hidden lunchtime secret.

    Chicken Philly - Large enough for two to split, comes with a generous portion of steak fries.

    Chicken Caesar salad - Massive with seemingly more chicken than lettuce. The chicken is also hot off the grill, which is a nice contrast to the salad's cold temperature. And it's the only salad I've ever seen that comes with a whole tomato. Very tasty and very big. Probably one of my favorite Chicken Caesars.

    Chili - Their chili is amazing.  It's home made and not some crap out of a jar or can.  If you're feeling frisky, get the chili cheese fries!  Also, once a year, they host  a chili cook-off.

    Wings - Very, very good stuff with their wings.  Honey BBQ is the way to go.  Not as good as McDivot's but just as edible!  

    Hungry for breakfast?  They dish up some of the best in town, and it's dirt cheap.  On Saturdays and Sundays, they offer breakfast until 1 PM!

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