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    They do serve one of my favorite Cabernets, they also serve one of my favorite ales, the staff and owners are always very pleasant and the courtyard and live music is an added bonus. Start the third Fridays there and you might not make it further down the street

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    The location and the beer prices is the best thing about this location. They ran out of the beer I was drinking. I ordered the beans and rice and the rice was not fully cooked. I order chicken rice soup and they ran out. Service was fare. I most likely would not go back.

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    Tapping the Vine advertises their wine, beer and food. However the menu is limited and seems to mostly consist of "nibbles" rather than large meals. But the food is not why you're going to want to try this place. It's the approximately 80 beers (yes, 80!) and an even larger number of wines to try. This is the place to go if you're feeling adventurous, because you'll be able to find something on the wine/ beer list that you've never tried before. Having been born in Rochester, New York I had to try the Genesee Cream Ale, a surprisingly smooth brew. The woman who served us (the owner, I think) was very helpful and accommodating, as well. A great addition to the Safety Harbor scene!

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