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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Out of all the Nortons in the area, I like this one the best for a few reasons. First, no smoking allowed inside so you don't feel like you're chilling in an ashtray. Second, their drinks are well made and decently priced. Also, there is plenty of seating, fun live music and nice bartenders. Finally, their bar fare is mighty tasty. Wings, burgers, fries. Nothing out of the ordinary but always tasty

    This is just a local neighborhood hang out spot, but I still give 2 thumbs up

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    Great sports bar! Very CLEAN, and amazing prices. The menu boasts your typical bar grub {i.e. fried food and sandwiches, and beer}, but at really great prices. The wings are perfect and I highly recommend them! I like that there is a full bar, pool, darts, and room for dining. Usually with that much going on, it can be crowded, but at Norton's this was not the case.

    I was very impressed for what it was. My family has been going here for a while, and tonight was my first time at Norton's Eastside and I will definitely be back.

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    I went to Norton's Friday night. Had never been there before. It's a pretty cool place and as I sit here trying to remember what stood out, the most notable feature was the noise. It was f*cking loud. Saying that makes me feel like I should just take some Metamucil and go to bed, but seriously man, it was hard to have a conversation.

    We had a buddy in town from Ireland, and this dude's brogue is hard enough for me to understand without the noise. After asking him to repeat himself no less than 65 times, I started to find myself simply nodding and smiling like an idiot most of the night.

    Having very little idea what people were saying, I just tried to look for facial clues as to whether or not I was reacting to their story correctly. If they started looking confused I'd just change the direction my head was shaking, like a goofy bobble head.

    Noise aside, we had fun. They have a couple of pool tables and electronic dart machines. There was always someone walking around picking up empty beer bottles and glasses, keeping the place clean. The crowd of people were tolerable. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. There's no smoking allowed inside which was great, but if you do smoke they have a patio with chairs and tables outside.

    Overall, it's not a place I would find myself on the regular but I also wouldn't be averse to coming back.

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