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    I wish there were a zero star option. I made the mistake of coming here last year for my birthday.  I was walking to the Tiki Bar with my boyfriend, and one of the bouncers slid his hand up the back of my shorts, in an attempt to grab my butt. He was a big guy, I would estimate he weighed as much if not more than my boyfriend and I combined. My boyfriend asked him (calmly, with no threats) to apologize. Instead of apologizing, the bouncer and 2 of his bouncer friends beat him continuously. The punched him, bodyslammed him, kicked him, stomped on him, and pummeled him, putting him in the hospital.  He now has permanent injuries that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. Anyone who tried to help was restrained by other bouncers. My boyfriend was dragged out (literally), and I followed. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the owner came  out. He was extremely rude and unhelpful, and threatened to have me thrown in jail for speaking against him.

    I'm writing this now because I've noticed that all the bad reviews of this business have been filtered, and only good ones are visible. I hope that  does not happen to this one.  And to the people of YELP - please let me know if you would like me to provide proof. I do not want this review taken down. People need to know. Their safety is at risk.

    Yes, the drink specials are cheap. But ultimately, it is not worth the cost of the bodily harm and sexual harassment that you risk by going there.

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    Well I've been a few times on the weekend when I'm in a country music line dancin' kind of mood. Be aware it gets packed shoulder to shoulder on Fridays which is the sign of a popular place but a little claustrophobic for me at times. Sink or swim specials are available often and they have had some great bands play there. Also pool tables and darts to keep yourself entertained if dancing isn't your thing. Be prepared for quite a night if you're going to round up

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    Loved it!! I did not know there was a line dance for every single country song in the world lol. Awesome!

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