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    it"s the only place in town without sonar,or is it radar..hell what  do I know, it"s comfortable to shoot some pool there, compared to the other chump spot"s....to the best of my memory.

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    No longer a stranger to this place, it's now become a monthly habit. Rolando at the door will be sure you get a nice clean full sized table to play on. Their credit/debit machine has been out for months now, so they are cash-only, but agitation aside, it's still the best in the area if only for it's chillable atmosphere. So chill in fact, that you can smoke inside- nice feature when you are paying hourly for billiards. It's smokey, and may have a questionable scent, but its got pool, and tournaments, and poker, and dj's, and even allows cigar smoking. I think this is why it's a cool place to totally unwind, surrounded by a patronage of average blue collar folks doing the same. The MegaTouch machine allows anyone to control the musical mashup here which conjures a both entertaining and hilarious  flipping of genres every moment. I was tempted to eat here once, but that passed. The decor looks like hell, but I've as explained, it's almost part of it's charm!

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    I can't stand people who bitch and moan about a smokey pool hall. This place is really cool. You can't even have a bar in a pool hall where I lives so to me Florida Pool Halls Rock. Hot chicks bringing you drinks nice clean tables. I love it.

    For you crybabies if you don't like smoke don't go to a pool hall period.

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