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    The 1/2 soup and 1/2 salad was good.  I had the vegetable soup topped with pesto.  The pesto was good that I wish that they put more of it.  The Ceasar salad was good.  Service was fast.  On a good day, like last Monday, it's best to be at their outdoor seating.  There were a lot of people working on their laptops.

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    The staff is great, prompt and polite.  The soup selection is always good.  It's usually pretty crowded for good reason.

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    I placed a catering order here recently to be picked up on Saturday morning at 7:45....it was apparent that even though the store was not busy during the entire 45 minutes I waited for the order to be done, that none of the catering orders had even been started that morning until someone came in to pick them up.  So three of us waited...and waited...and waited....while the poor manager scrambled to put everything together himself. The other employees looked clueless.

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