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    Tiny portions. Not a ton of flavor. Not cheap. I don't like signing the check while discussing what we can make to eat when we get home to fill us up. Not worth it

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    I was super excited to learn that there was now a Thai place close to Burke, especially because I just moved from Maryland and I was missing my amazing local Thai joint.  I really really really wanted to love Celadon, not just because it is close, but because they DELIVER.  Not too many places around here do, so I thought that was pretty amazing.....that said I wasn't too surprised that this place lived up to the yelp reviews.  I was beyond disappointed.  I went with the chicken massaman curry and the chicken was dry and overdone, there were like two potatoes, and the sauce was tasteless.  I hated the spring rolls and will never order them again.  The kanom jeep (shrimp dumplings) weren't very good either.  I was having dinner with my family and my Mom loved her shrimp pad thai....but it can be kind of hard to mess that up.  My Dad liked his extra spicy basil chicken, but I'm not sure that I can bring myself to order from here again.  

    I gave it one extra star because it does deliver.......but I don't think that I will order from here again.  
    (We picked up our order, but based on the pictures of the restaurant it is nice inside)

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    Slow and not very good service. Asked for tea pot with 3 cups, and waitress only brought out 2 cups and commented that the tea only comes with 2 cups. Give me a break, what's one more cup. Portion is skimpy. Most dishes are too salty. Not dining here anymore.

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