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    I've only been to Stooges twice.
    The first visit I had a few pints and an order of wings. I thought the wings were excellent.
    The 2nd visit I only had two pints and left because there was really nothing charming about the place to keep us there.
    The bar doesn't have much character and the patrons didn't thrill me either. Its like a mix of frat boys, after workers grabbing a couple drinks, and wanna be gangstas.
    The beer selection isn't huge but they had at least 3 or 4 beers that excited me on both visits.
    The bartenders seemed pretty quick although it wasn't very busy on either visit.
    Upon leaving I noticed that they have $1.50 "grenade" bottles of Genny Cream Ale all day every day and I made the assumption I'd be back if I'm ever hurting for money.
    I see no reason to choose Stooges over Liberty Street Tavern unless you can't handle the smoke at the latter...or if LST is just too packed.
    Will I be back? Maybe but probably only for a quick one on the way to Liberty Street.
    I must stress I do recommend the wings here....and they've done nothing to disappoint me but have done nothing to really keep me there for more than 30-60 minutes.

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    This review is in two parts and represents the duality that is Stooges and its alter ego, Sunnigers. In order to understand this review in full, a reading of both parts is necessary and encouraged.

    Stooges is Allentown's typical bro-bar--not quite as clubby as Maingate down the street--but it still has its cast of characters. Most of the patrons wear their hats backwards or sideways. The menu has wings, which the bros will tell you are the best, but wings are the same everywhere to non-bros so who cares? The servers wear low-cut tops, including the guys. They have Sunday Ticket and they turn the volume way, way up on the Eagles game, of course, to inspire "Fly, Eagles, Fly" chants. You'll often find holes punched in the walls of the bathroom. The bartenders can be surly (I was once asked why I didn't tip on a round when I was on a tab.) It usually smells of feet. College and post-college guys and girls usually order Bud Lights or Buttery Nipples or Dirty Girl Scouts--not even ironically--and chase them with "woooooooooooooooooooo!"

    In short, Stooges is a 1 star bar.

    Now Sunnigers is an entirely different bar. Sunnigers is when you become so inebriated that going to Stooges seems like a REALLY good idea--so much so that when you text your friends like Rebecca S. that you're going to Stooges, it comes out as "Sunnigers" due to your inebriation. At Sunnigers, the wings are, like, SO EFFING GOOD, dude. At Sunnigers, the bartenders go from surly to so hott it doesn't matter that they're passive aggressively asking you for more money. At Sunnigers, holes in bathroom walls are funny. At Sunnigers, it's fun to pretend the TV screens are giant iPads. At Sunnigers, you don't care that someone just put an entire Dave Matthews Band album on the jukebox. You like it! You're even dancing to it! Ants Marching! Dirty Girl Scouts! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    In short, Sunnigers is a 5 star bar.

    But this review isn't for the Sunnigers location, is it?

    There are much better bars in Allentown's West End. Try Liberty Street Tavern, for one.

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    I enjoy stooges for what it is.  I am not looking for a great well prepared meal when here, they have terrific bar food and the french fries are really good.  If you look for a more culinary experience, get the sweet potato fries :-)  .   I'm a fan of their wings, sweet heat is my favorite.  

    The beer list is not huge (for that, I would head 3 blocks south to the Liberty Street Tavern), but they have a decent selection of seasonal craft brews and their prices are reasonable.  

    Watching sports is enjoyable in the bar, never overly crowded on Sundays for football and they have most games on their many televisions.  

    Overall, if you want a quiet dinner then this is not your place (and they don't pretend to be) but if you want a decent happy hour or sports bar experience, then I would recommend it.

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    This is as close to a typical state school college bar I've seen in Allentown. Multiple specials daily. 1.50 Gennessee Cream Ale stubby bottles. Hell,  most beer distributors don't even carry that. Bar area is a bit cramped but there is a side room with tables and chairs. The loud TouchTunes jukebox will make intelligible conversation difficult.

    The only gripe I have with this place is the quality of the Yuengling drafts. All drafts except the Yueng taste normal. It doesn't taste skunked; it just flat out doesn't taste right. The tap hoses might need cleaning. Kind of a bad look for an Eastern PA bar to serve bad Yuengs.

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    Kinda disappointed with service tonight.  Tonight's waitress was pretty terrible.  Ordered a drink at a table and it took 15 minutes.  I got pretty close opened a tab at the bar just for the beer.   Again, not bad service when at the bar, but in the back room it pretty much sucks.

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