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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Best home brew in the city! Both in quality and verity. Bring cash.

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    I LOVE going to Vine Street Pub! The beer selection is great they have a lot of locals; the food is mostly sandwiches/burgers and salads, their specials are always good and the atmosphere is very relaxed with two dining rooms, each with its own bar. There is also no age limit for your kids or your not-yet-21 friends, so a great place to hang out. I highly recommend the Date Night Burger and the Blackberry Wheat Ale, also the Addiction Coffee Stout is amazing! It's like coffee and cream.... but a beer.... its so good.

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    One of the best neighborhood bars out there! Every time I think about The Vine I feel warm and cozy inside. Kind of similar to how I feel when I walk in. This place is always packed...in a very likable way.  You have to fight for a seat, yet I never seem to mind that much.

    Oh and a whole month dedicated to Stouts? And I thought I couldn't love this place any more....

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