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    Great little restaurant with a real Polish feel. Look for coupons!

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    We saw a groupon for The Belvedere and thought we would try it out. We also read some reviews as we dine out often and like to try new places. Several reviews mention the temperature of the restaurant being extremely warm but noted the food being good.

    Upon arrival it seemed very cute and intimate. We noticed right away that it was super hot but tried not to be bothered by it. We ordered the sample dish along with a bottle of wine. We were taken back by the image of the waitress who looked like she was wearing pajama pants and had flip flops on. I'm pretty sure that is not dress code for a restaurant.

    After taking our order she went into the kitchen. Moments later we heard a microwave door and  beeps  from time being entered into it. we chuckled and thought maybe they were making food for them selves. She came out from the kitchen and began looking at her phone leaning on the bar. It was very quiet in the restaurant and no music was being played.

    When our food came out we asked what everything was. With no real explanation she pointed to a few items saying the kind a sausage that was on the plate and pointed to the potato dumpling and walked away. The amount of food for two people should have been for 4 people. I found it to be a waste. The perogies were soggy. I'm guessing thats what was put into the microwave.

    The waitress gave a look our way to see if we needed anything but didn't make an effort to come to the table and ask if everything was good. While still looking at her phone leaning on the bar. We barely finished all the food that was on the platter. It was warm not hot. It tasted like everything was heated in a microwave. There was no flavor to the food at all.

    We were super disappointed with the whole experience. Of course the only reason we went in was because we had a Groupon. We wont recommend nor return.

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    Want a meal filled with meat and more meat? If yes, then go here.
    We had reservations before going to the movies and it worked out perfectly. After ordering a yummy vodka drink that tasted like apply pie we started with salads, then Plackis and lastly the Taste of Belvedere. This is a sampler platter under the appetizer section, but is large enough to feed 4 and had a bit of all the best- sausage, pierogi, meatballs, schnitzel and even some veggies. We had leftovers for 2 more meals.
    They must get a lot of groupon/living social deals because they asked us if we had one upon sitting down, which we did. Give this place a try. They even had live music the night we were there.

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