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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Seems like most of the reviews are spot-on. Lousy service, awesome beers. When this place isn't packed to the gills with drunken college kids, the atmosphere is pretty cool, but if you go there any time past 8pm or any time after a Rockies game, don't bother. It's dark, loud, crowded, and generally unpleasant.

    The beer selection is awesome, though. I think Falling Rock is confused about what it is. With a beer selection like that, you'd think they'd want to cater to a beer enthusiast audience, not a fraternity fresh out of their initiation ceremony.

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    I walked in here with some friends that were Denver locals. Jazz was playing from the speakers, sports being shown on the big screens and beer was flowing from a multitude of taps. There was an open air area and a very cool interior decor (lots of beer bottles, leather couches!) I looked at the bottle list and almost made love to it.

    I asked my friends, "Wow, why don't you guys hang out here all the time? This place is awesome."

    I shortly got my answer, it's because the servers here are the biggest assholes. We asked for a bottle from the list and a porter from the tap. He came over with two completely different beers, the one from the list was a draft and the tap beer was a peach beer instead of a porter. When asked about the difference, the server went to check, came back and muttered "they're out." No apologies, no explanation! He then asked coldly if we wanted something else. Hell no! We finished our chips, left the beers untouched and asked for the check. Well, of course the two mistake beers were on it. Had to sort it out with the bartender, who was somehow very nice.

    At least the servers at Toronado are assholes only if you deserve it. Here, they're assholes for no reason.

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    Excellent beer list. Worst service in a beer bar I have experienced. Don't expect to get the beer that you order. Servers don't know the difference between a peach beer and a porter. Maybe only order from the bar.

    Update: Bartender later comped our drinks. Only order from the bar.

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