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  • Has TV
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  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    This place has a wonderful concept, and could be really fun, but for some reason the women who work here are EXTREMELY rude. My first visit I asked the female bar tender what the specials were that day and she rolled her eyes and slammed down a list of specials then walked off and even though I was one of the three people sitting at the bar continued to ignore me when clearly I was ready to order. Second visit a different girl bar tender made an effort to ignore me and not take my order .I never have issues with girl  bartenders anywhere else so even though they want to remain hipster doesn't mean they have to hire rude women. Also the ski ball machine loves to steal my change without a game!

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    Great beer selection.  Good pricing.  And games!  What else do you need!!?!

    Milk Stout on tap!  Good service.  Vintage video games! What else do you want!?

    Super fun place, especially on a Wednesday night when it's dead and you have your pick of games.  Definitely a favorite stop when barhopping downtown.

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    Weak drinks, but great games. Not a bad spot to blow some quarters on some sweet games.

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