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    I met up with some friends for an anniversary get-together last night at The Keg, not having been there in several years.  I don't know why we hadn't been back sooner; I guess because we don't live nearby, and there are so many other choices.

    Anyway, The Keg - LODO is as I remembered it:  upscale/casual/subdued atmosphere, nice bar area and decent service, wrapped around a fairly pedestrian steakhouse menu with very reasonable prices.  I remember this chain from my college days in another state; it was much more casual back then, more like a fern bar kind of a place, more along the lines of an Applebee's or TGI Fridays (but I'm REALLY old.)

    We were a party of 10 for Restaurant Week on a Sunday night, so the place was a bit busier than normal, I'd imagine, for a Sunday evening, but we were promptly greeted and seated immediately by a very professional and cheerful hostess.  Our servers (2 shared the party) were professional and accommodating, if a bit slow (understandable for a larger party on a busy night.)

    Everyone started off with various cocktails (martinis, mojitos, gin & 7, specialty martinis, etc.) which were uniformly delicious and expertly prepared and served in attractive and generous glasses - props to the bartender this night.  I'd say we ordered 4 bottles of wine after, along with a couple of appetizers, then on to salads and dinners; I think we all ordered our dinners from the 5280 menu.  I do have to say that their prices and portions are VERY REASONABLE for a Restaurant Week menu, as well as on their regular and seasonable menus, and the wine list, while not imaginative nor particularly large, was very inexpensive.

    Food was just OK; our escargot-stuffed mushrooms appetizer was ok, but was unexpectedly seasoned with what seemed like cumin and chili powder??  I had a wedge salad with bleu cheese, which was warm and the dressing just tasted like ranch with a lot of powdered garlic.  I ordered a "baseball" sirloin, a 12 ounce affair advertised on the menu as too thick to be cooked above medium-rare, along with mashed potatoes and a couple small asparagus spears as a garnish.  I prefer my steaks medium-rare and thick, so this sounded like a good choice.

    My steak, when cut into, was at least medium-well to well done in the center, and very dry, so, although I usually don't send things back, I did, along with my partner's prime rib, which was ordered medium-rare, but served as a medium-well end cut.  We waited a reasonable amount of time for the replacement entrees, which were delivered by the servers, and followed up by management a moment later.  I can't fault the service at all, but my replacement steak was once again medium-well, but my partner's prime rib replacement was a perfect medium-rare.  It seems like they started my replacement steak on the grill and finished it in a microwave to save time, as the center was well-done, but got rarer closer to the edges, and was dry?  Anyway, I brought it to the server's attention, but insisted that it was ok, not wanting to wait longer nor waste any more food, and all of my dining companions' dinners seemed fine.

    My partner and I had to leave before the others had finished, due to a prior appointment, so we made sure to leave our hosts enough $$ to cover everything, and we said our goodbyes before dessert.  Again, the host staff up front were very professional and nice, warmly thanking us for coming as we headed out.

    Normally, I'd rate a negative food experience lower, but the service, management, excellent cocktails, and my other dining companions' dinners made up for it.  I'll be back soon, maybe for cocktails and something else on their menu next trip.

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    Go here on work dinners often, the food while not out of this world, has never been bad. Service is what gives it the three stars for me. A co-worker of mine had an issue with a cocktail that he ordered and we all weren't very impressed with the way that went. Food is important, but so is customer service...

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    The Keg has remained my go to steakhouse for the last 6-7 years that I have lived in the downtown area.. So when my brother and his girlfriend visited over the holidays it wasn't exactly a real brainbuster where I wanted to take them for dinner.  My brother had heard of the The Denver Chop House and Brewery and suggested he wanted to go there for dinner. But I talked him out of it saying The Keg is the place for great service and steaks/prime rib.  

    Recent Trip #1

    I ordered the Peppercorn steak which I almost always do and my brother ordered the prime rib.  I also had a dirty martini which was delicious and so did my brothers date. My peppercorn steak and her filet were also very good.  When the prime rib arrived, we were all shocked!  It was brown with almost no red color and no small pool of blood resting in the middle of the cut.  He did not take a bite and sent it back.. A gentleman; very apologetic from the kitchen came over and delivered a better looking prime rib, which  was around a medium to medium well appearance.  My brother took a couple of bites and was pretty disappointed, we then took a couple of bites.  I would say it was the chewiest, least tender, and the worst prime rib I have ever had.. We did not send it back the second time.  During all of this, the staff was exceptional. A manager stopped by to see if things were up to par, we agreed it was but regrettably it was not.  After all was said and done they gave us a $25 gift card, which was nice but my brother and his squeeze do not live near a Keg Steakhouse so I commandeered the card.  

    Recent Trip #2 (Much worse)

    Over the past weekend a friend and I decided to use the gift card before it expired and showed up for round # 2 dinner.  We started off with a couple of beers and proceeded to order.  (This is were it gets ridiculous) This time I ordered a different steak then usual so I was careful to read correctly and place my order clearly and without hesitation.  I am 100%  positive I ordered the Grilled Top Sirloin 12 oz.  and I said it just like that, b/c I read it directly off the menu.  My date ordered the peppercorn steak and then we waited.  When my steak arrived, it was definitely not a 12 ounce steak.. When I asked if this was a 12 oz steak the server replied, no that is an 8 oz.  Steak.. Then I replied, "I'm sorry but I'm pretty sure I ordered a the 12 oz ."  She replied, "we don't have a 12 oz steak in that cut." I was baffled!? I mean completely baffled.  She said, "you ordered the 8 oz. sirloin" She then kind of fumbled around and said, "would you like a 12 oz?!"  I replied, "yes I would..thank you, sorry for the mix up."  Then I sat there, confused, a little deflated and thought, am I that guy... That douche who can't even order food of an English menu correctly? Do have a tumor in my head or something?  Then I remembered I could pull up a their menu on my phone.. I started looking it over frantically, hoping I wasn't crazy.   At that moment a manager came over to say "we have wrapped up the 8 oz and we're getting a baseball top sirloin started for you." OK, I thought.. that was nice of them but what the hell is a baseball top sirloin?  Now back to the menu.. Ah ha!!!! There it was.. in all its glory... a Grilled Top Sirloin (listed under sirloins) with options of 8 oz. and 12 oz.  so what the hell happened.  She said they don't offer a 12 oz.. well what was I staring at then?  I looked further through the menu and then discovered the only steak that could be confused with what I ordered was under the Keg Classic Dinners as the Top Sirloin or Teriyaki Classic (only offered as an 8 oz.)   That my friends is most definitely NOT what I ordered.   This has quickly become my longest cry baby ,rant of a review and for that I am sorry.  My frustration and anger is still fresh; our server was wrong and she tried to argue with me.. can't say that has ever happened, ever.  

    Not sure the damage can be undone.. The two stars were for the management, they were top notch in trying to offer the best possible experience and for the the food when I finally got to eat it.. B/C of the style of the cut it took a very long time to grill and I ate alone :(  ... I can't blame my date for getting her steak on.. I would have.

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