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    This place was excellent!!! They had a variety of beverages that aren't sullied with HFCS. My addiction of San Pelligrino was available which made me gitty with excitement! Also, they serve alcohol, so this is NOT your average deli! I ordered the vegetable sandwich and my hubby order the Ahi Tuna sandwich which made me a tad jealous, but he was nice enough to offer me a few bites. My only gripe is that this place is very small inside, but I imagine in the summer it doesn't matter as much since there is ample outside seating. Definitely the highlight of our visit in Colorado (in terms of grub!).

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    So I finally got around to trying this oh so popular sandwich place.

    I did the brisket and pastrami (my friend and I split each others sandwiches like good foodies should! )  and both were tasty but the pastrami was the hands down better of the two.  The pastrami was exactly what I expect from a quality restaurant however the brisket was just a bit too sweet for my taste..

    Quality,handcrafted, thoughtful food and it showed.

    Only con was I would have preferred a much larger stack of Pastrami but perhaps the only place to get this is back East...

    I will be back.. soon!

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    Everything on the menu sounded so delicious I couldn't choose. Do I want the truffle egg salad? The amazing (and filling, I'm told) Cuban? What about the Italian, which I hear is da bomb? What about the brisket, with its caramelized onions and incredible flavor? Luckily, the line was almost out the door so I had plenty of time to pick.

    I ended up with the smoked turkey (with brie, pears, cranberry honey and arugula) and thought it was wonderful. Got to try the brisket and it was as good as everybody says. They really do use top notch ingredients here and make some delicious (if rather simple) food. Some people think the prices are too high? This isn't Subway! You would pay this much for decent ingredients and good bread. I'm happy to see this small deli do so well and I will definitely be back!

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