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    For Chinese mall food, it is good as it gets! The same two ladies have worked there at least for 2 years.. They are always pleasant and super fast. As Adam said, they all the standard Chinese foods like orange chicken and general tso's.. but they sometimes have a "Indian Curry" they make every once in a while and it is amazing! They don't make a lot of it, which is a shame, so if your not the the first couple of people right at noon, it might be gone!

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    What is this food?  How is it so delicious?  How is it so satisfying?  How does it actually fill me up and give me energy after lunch?  And most perplexing, how is it so cheap?

    Answer to all:  Don't think about any of these things.

    For all I know, this stuff is Soylent Green and I am kind of content with that.

    With a name like Chinese Combo King, you know exactly what you are getting.  Mall Chinese food is a cuisine in its own right, and they have all the traditional staples: orange chicken, general tso's, sesame chicken, some veggies, and a few more.  For 4.99 you get a giant plate of white rice and your choice of two sides.  For the cheap carnivore thrill seeker, this means doubled processed meats covered in a glaze of high fructose corn syrup.  For the more health conscience, there are some options, but I wouldn't know because of my carnal needs for glazed meats.

    Located in the basement food court of Tower Place "Mall," this is the most lively establishment with lines forming around lunch.  Fear not, because the dedicated employees move in an assembly line with such precision and speed that Henry Ford would be a little envious.

    If you find yourself downtown at lunch, treat yourself and be King for an afternoon, and probably an evening too because they give you so much food.

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