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    The Grilled Artichokes are amazing.  It's like what dreams are made of. Hands down the best I've ever had.

    It's a very nice place; however, it is very pricey for lunch.  Most food items start at $12 and can go up to almost $30.  The parking lot is rough too, as it backs up to a Krispy Kreme who puts signs on all of their own reserved parking.  We happened to go on a day when it was raining and had to park clear in the back of the restaurant [only one entrance in the front] so that kind of sucked.

    Mom and I also ordered the grilled steak tacos [$16] with black beans and rice.  The steak tacos for me, were just OK, but the black beans and rice were PHENOMENAL!!!  I could've eaten that and the artichokes and been done with it.  We also ordered a Caesar salad to share, again, too small for me especially for it's $11 price...nothing much to it.

    Now their pressed coffee is something to write home about. They bring your own pressing pot and it's damn good!

    I'd go back...especially for the Artichokes

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    Been here many times.  Food is consistently good but afternoon service today was bad...lots of pretentious staff who did not seem interested in their customers.

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    I thought this place was solid. I like places that have a nice energy, are upscale without being pretentious and serve great food. J. Alexander's fit that bill. Maybe it was a bit pricey, but I walked away feeling satisfied.

    I thought their house salad was excellent, and I'm not one to gush over salads. I ordered the New York Strip with mac & cheese... the steak was terrific, and the mac & cheese was the highlight.

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