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    I was at Sunfish Grill on Tuesday for the 4th time. This is always a favorite for me when celebrating a special occasion. As usuall, the staff was extremely friendly. It's been the same staff since I started going 3 years ago, saying a lot about how their management must treat them.
    We were celebrating a birthday and had a great time. The food is fantastic!  
    Parking not so great, but worth it.

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    I had been here several years ago with my parents (I don't live in the area) and my mom thought to return when we were down visiting my grandmother this past weekend.  I am so happy that we found this restaurant again.  This time, I went with my mom, brother, grandmother, and my aunt and uncle.  We had a made a reservation (highly recommend doing) and when I called to let them know we were running a few minutes late due to traffic, they had no problem accommodating us.

    We were seated immediately and quickly greeted by a server.  I have no idea why, but our server changed after a few minutes, but I don't feel that it interrupted the flow or the service.  Our waiter was fantastic, very attentive to all of us, and was able to accommodate a variety of requests (ie. half an order).  Their wine list was quite varied in both style and price, which I appreciate.  We ordered the Super Tuscan, which was "super yum" for a great price.

    Our food was also fantastic.  I can't remember what everyone ordered, but no one was disappointed.  My grandmother's conch fritters had whole pieces of conch inside, which is always a delightful surprise.  My mom, brother, and I split a variety of items.  We started with the "Crispy Shrimp & Spicy Crab Roll" which was huge as well as the "Calamari Saute".  The calamari was ah-mazing!  I could have kept eating that all night!!  For dinner, we split the "Sunfish Linguine with Clams in Natural Broth", "Seared Rare Yellow Fin Tuna", and one of their specials that I did not try but my mom and brother said was great.  I have got to figure out how to make the clam broth.  The broth was so light and without any extra oils added.  It also had a lot of whole clams, still in their shells, on it.  The tuna was cooked perfectly and the sauce had a lot of flavor without being heavy.  I really felt that overall the chef let the seafood stand on its own, while preparing it in a way that really enhanced the natural flavor of the fish or seafood.  Several desserts were shared including the crème brulee, the key lime pie, and the chocolate symphony.  My uncle finished the chocolate symphony so fast, no one even had a chance to try it.  The key lime pie was full of flavor and the meringue on top was the perfect accompaniment.  The crème brulee was huge!  Three different "pots", each a different flavor and the perfect dessert to share.

    I would highly recommend Sunfish Grill for family events or a romantic date.  The whole experience was wonderful and the delightful surprise with your check is just ice cream on the cake.  Although expensive, my family and I will definitely be returning.

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    After reading the reviews I was very excited to eat here. I would agree that parking is a little weird but adequate. We had reservations and got seated right away. The server was a little annoying with his initial speech about how great everything was but service was iffy. I could overlook this although most nice places we eat at don't have any spiel like this. Bread was ok. Very heavy like eating a pizza. The hummus it was served with was yummy. We got our wine and placed our orders. The conch fritters came out very quickly. My mom was very excited for these until we ate them. They must have been over done because texturally they were very rubbery. Not the best start. Then we waited, and waited, and waited for the 3 fish dishes. The server came by and said it was coming right out. I expect that to be 5 minutes or so. No it was another 30 minutes until they came out. We waited over 45 minutes for our entrees. He did apologize but said that none of their dishes are premade. I wouldn't expect any nice restaurant to have premade dishes. We watched the server make multiple trips to a 6 top table instead of finding our food. He said the kitchen was slammed but the restaurant was only half full at best.  My dad and I got the mahi mahi and the fish was hot and tasty. The risotto was very heavy. My mom got the scallops and the spaetzle was cold but did have a nice taste. The scallops were hot but had enough grit and sand in them to be nearly inedible. For dessert we had the key lime pie and it was good but not extraordinary. The meringue was the best part.  Overall I was very disappointed in our meal after reading such great reviews.

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