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    We ate here last Thursday evening. Parking is a little tough as there are only 4 spots out front and you have to go through the adjacent parking lot to the lot at the rear. Atmosphere is casual rather like a large house. The food is comfort food with a shouthern influence. We started with the truffle fries with parmesan cheese shavings, thin and crisp and very good not greasy at all. I had an order of the onion soup which was excellent, good beef base lot's of onion flavor and covered and I do mean covered with cheese well baked on top. The three diners ordered Meatloaf, Chicken Pot Pie and Crispy Duck. All were very well prepared and very good. The pot pie was literally enough food for two, we brought half home and it was lunch for two the next day, chock full of chicken and veggies with a very nice sauce. Meatloaf was tender and moist, also a very generous portion a small amount came home with us and the duck was cooked to perfection crispy on the outside while being tender and moist on the inside with a honey glaze sauce. Each entree comes with two sides or a salad, the salad was fresh and crisp if not unspectacular. The sides that we ordered were cheesy mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts with pistachios  and the green bean casserole all were very good. For desert we had an warm apple crumble with vanilla ice cream and coffee both very good.
    Overall this was a very good meal, it is mostly an older crowd (not trendy at all), the service was excellent and extremely attentive. Interestingly enough all the servers were female and a little bit more mature than one usually finds in most local restaurants.  If you are more into flair and glitz, prefer a trendy atmosphere with lot's of people watching and are interested in unique food pairings then this probably isn't your kind of place. But if you are looking for a good hearty meal with generous portions, a some what homey atmosphere, good service and reasonable prices this is a winner. It's the kind of food I wish my mom had made.  
    4.5 Stars

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    I usually visit Fort Lauderdale every few months for maintenance of my bike. I was walking around looking for lunch having quality food. I found it, indeed! The passion they took in just the tea was apparent. They sweeten ever so gently and present it in a clear handled-jar. You can tell it was homemade. My first course was their daily soup, turkey and corn. The soup was chunky , flavorful, and presented on a white, classic cup having character. The soup had wonderful colors and vibrant flavors while the turkey was tender and the corn sweet. Other vegetables were found adding to the depth of the soup. My main course consisted of the shirt rib sandwich. The first bite told my brain I could only finish half the sandwich due to its richness. The sandwich included caramelized onions and Serrano pepper mayo on a kaiser roll. Every bite was delicious and rich. a table next to me ordered one to share! My choice of side included brussel sprouts leaves with pistachios. The sweetness from steaming the sprouts ten sautéing it in butter I presume worked very well in making every leaf earthy, sweet and nutty. I paced myself and eventually finished my meal. Service was exceptional as my main server and his teammate ensured I enjoyed the food, my drink was tipped off, and I was comfortable. I'd definitely be back and wouldn't mind exploring dinner.

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    Good home cooking. Huge portions. The food was alright but pretty heavy in butters  or sauces.  You have to really be in the mood. BUT I highly recommend the pigs in a blanket, meatloaf and French onion soup.  Just not the place to go if you are the mood for a light meal.

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