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    This place is fun!
    My girlfriend and I enjoy going here and its especially fun on a Friday after work.
    Its a smoking bar.
    They do serve food but I believe they stop serving around 7:00 pm. I have yet to try the food but it appears to be burgers,cheesesteaks,etc and they also serve breakfast.
    I'm pretty sure they open and start serving at 7 am but don't quote me on that.
    Some of my friends are hesitant to go here because they say it is in the ghetto but everyone we've met here has been extremely friendly and quite entertaining at times.
    They have a few beers on tap and not too large of a selection of bottles/cans.
    Most people I see are either drinking Bud Light bottles or Busch 16 oz cans.
    The bartenders are tough, friendly, and quick.
    Street parking is limited in this part of town.
    Last time we were there and were walking to our car, some guy sitting on his porch yelled to us "Its nice to see some people smiling around here!" and he gave us a friendly wave. We gave him a big friendly wave back.
    So, forget the n'hood and go here and have a few drinks and people watch. Make some friends. Its all good!

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