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    Hey ladies,

    Want to know how to meet a (smart - cool) guy in Denver.

    Bring your copy of "The Garden of Eden" to The Cruise Room. Order a scotch and soda and sip it slowly. When a guy approaches to ask about the size of the book, simply ignore him. Keep reading.
    When a second guy offers to buy you a drink, politely decline. Go back to your book and keep sipping that scotch.
    When a third guy in a hip flannel shirt wearing tennis shoes asks what you thought of David Bourne and his glamorous wife, Catherine, and the dangerous, erotic game they play when they fall in love with the same woman, and what were Hemingway's ideas of sexual transferenceuse?Use a napkin as a bookmark, invite him out for falafel in the park, and make plans to watch Fellini films as soon as possible.

    Good luck ladies,

    Don't forget to tip the bartender.

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    Cool setting. Denver needs more bare like this

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    Nothing like sneaking through The Oxford Hotel to the back to find a gem of an Old School bar that pours great cocktails.  I'm not sure who was pouring for a couple of the bad reviews below this one.  My crew and I have nothing but praise for the Cruise Room!!!

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