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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    Backcountry is the perfect place for gluten-free foodies! My personal fav is the Hot Springs, but they can make any of their sandwiches on Udi's gf bread! Pair it with the house-made carrot ginger soup for a super delicious and filling meal!

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    Definitely my favorite sandwich shop in Denver. The menu is huge and you can build whatever kind of sandwich you want. If you can't find something you like here don't bother looking anywhere else.  Calling ahead can save you some time during lunchtime.

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    I've eaten here before, but today I went in for a sandwich and witnessed some hygiene issues. The cashier wore gloves while using the register, handled cash, then went right to making my sandwich without a glove change or hand washing. I asked for a refund and a senior worker also used the register with a gloved hand and went right back to making sandwiches. It was very disgusting and disappointing. Clearly these practices are the norm, rather than an exception.

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