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    So i was driving home one day and notice this huge lit up sign "Karma Hookah Lounge" and that got me excited. Since i lived across the street, it made it even better.

    Service: really welcoming and helpful, always made sure hookah/coals are good, manager/owner/whoever would come by once a while

    Hookah: haze tobacco, i wouldn't buy it, but i dont mind smoking it once a while (it's okay) good smoke, okay taste. my favorite part is the ice-tip! it makes it so much better!

    Food/drink: not a big menu since its a lounge, hopefully they get alcohol though

    Crowd: from what i can tell, possibly 18-19 white kids

    4 Star because it's good but not great, would go back every now and then!

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    Really good service and the vibe of the place makes you feel like your at home. Theres always someone there to change the charcoals and they have a variety of flavors too choose from. Really great place i very much recommend it.

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