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    Everything overly priced. Bunch of gangsters hanging by the front and back entrance smoking. I don't get the name even though I'm Asian. Top it off the chick who was bartending *I was told* she added an extra zero to my brothers tab when she ran his credit card. Took a whole week to get it back. What kind of fool adds an extra zero to any amount when running a customers credit card. Idgaf how busy you are.. You should always check what you pushed in before scanning.

    Should of known this place is over priced and a bunch of under age drinkers.

    Please don't message me offering me a coupon or discount because of this rating. I'm also not going to erase this rating. Had that been me that received all the over draft fees from that extra *zero* things wouldn't be soo pleasant! But hearing about it just irked my nerves. Friends gave it bad ratings and here I am being optimistic and giving them two tries... All failed.

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    Giau's Bar N Bites is hands down one of my favorite places to go.  I love the ambience, the crowd, food, drink specials, and the location.  It is definately a place that I can go to relax, unwind, and destress after a long day at work and with the kids.  

    Here are some of the pluses to Giau's
    - Location - It's located in a great location facing Bellaire, in an extremely safe shopping center.  There are multiple cops patrolling this shopping center every single night.  I cannot stress this enough as there are places in chinatown I would not want to be caught dead at 1AM unless I wanted to be dead. This IS hands down the safest place to be at any time of the day and night.  

    - Menu - Giau's menu has steadily grown and expanded over the last year.  Giau's is not only is a bar, but also a full-fledged restaurant.  They have unique dishes such as the Avocado bomb and Giau's Pizza.  Both awesome!  Their food is pretty good and filling.  They've also added an expansive non-alcoholic drink menu in addition to their alcoholic drinks.   Love their Korean BBQ Spare ribs, calamari, and mini-sliders!  Shoot, sometimes you're in chinatown but craving a burger...but no place to go.....next time Giau's..   Some places offer a limited selection of food, but at Giau's, you can definately have a full dinner as well as come here for drinks.

    Crowd/Ambience - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are usually packed and the DJ definately adds some excitement to the start of the weekend. Also on Friday and Saturday nights, they clear the stage and there are 2 dancers that dance all night long.  People also go up and join in on the fun.  80-85% of the crowd here are young professionals or late college age.

    Alcohol - Giau's has a very comprehensive selection of alcohol, almost anything that you can think of,  they have or can make.  They also have pretty decent prices on bottle service, anything from Hennessy to Grey Goose to Soju.  

    VIP Area - They have a private area in the back with 5-6 couches. This is awesome for parties and can be reserved ahead of time for large groups.  It can fit about 30-40 people easily.    We reserved this for a triple birthday party this year, and everyone had a blast.  It's great because even though you have you rown space, it's not so secluded where you can't see and hear the rest of bar.   It really is a great place for large groups to mingle.  

    Management and Staff -   I cannot say enough good things about the management:  They are friendly and welcoming.  They will come and talk to you to get to know you, and drink with you when they can.   The wait staff is  usually pretty attentive, and for my single guy friends they are not too hard on the eyes.   If you want to drink with one of the staff, all you need to do is ask for permission from management.  Management and staff will often stay a few hours past closing so their customers can drive home safely.

    Discount - Check in on Facebook, and you will receive 10% off any and every time you go.  

    Happy Hours and Specials - They have daily happy hour from 4-8 and daily specials(Sun-Thur) which are different and run all evening.  For example on Thursday nights, they often have $2.00 beers, $5.00 Texas Titos, $10 Texas Twist.  Monday nights when sports games are on, sometimes they'll have $5.00 wings, 2 dollar domestics and 3 dollar imports.  And lately from Sunday-Thursday, they have HUGE crawfish platter special going on.   Wednesday nights if memory serves me right, they use to have wine night, but lately it's been $5.00 lychee saktini's.  On Tuesdays, i think it was $5.00 Cosmos and Martinis and something else.  These specials continually change so definately check it out.

    Negatives - There are very few negative things I can say about Giau's.
    - The dang construction on Bellaire is never-ending!! What is up with that?  My advice, exit Beechnut and go the back way to get into the shopping center or if you are coming from 59 take Westpark, exit bellaire on Beltway 8.
    -  Even though they have an expansive drink menu, they have no boba and milk tea and some of the selections of hot teas that my friends like at teabar and cafe 101.  With so many places offering it(next door to the left, next door to the right, next door behind, etc), I can understand why they don't offer it, but once in a while I get that craving for tapioca and milk tea.
    - Thurs-Sat, it can get packed and when the DJ spins, sometimes you just need to talk a little bit louder for your friends to hear.  It just means you gotta squeeze and sit a little bit closer!

    In summary, I most definately recommend Giau's to anyone that wants a good meal, good drinks, and an exciting place to hangout.   It's such a great alternative to Washington when you're just not in the mood to deal with all that The Heights has to offer.    Definately check out Giau's!!

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    I was pleasantly surprised by this place. The food is pretty good, we got the dumplings and calimari. Both were delicious. As for drinks we got the rainbow shots, where it was seven shots but they were made kind of weak... I also didn't appreciate the waitress saying that I would only be able to handle three on my own, when they were made so weakly.

    I think it's a pretty nice place to go if you're going to go karaoke afterwards and you want some pre-singing drinks or some food.

    I would definitely come back.

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