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    Typical shady asian business (and I am asian). They will over charge you as previous posters have noted. They charged me $47.98 for 2 thai teas (around 2 ounces of liquid the rest was all ice) and a mixed drink (also 2 ounces of liquid full to the top with ice) . I made several phone calls to the management and they refused to refund the charges which is why I will now be refuting charges with the credit card company.

    Apparently, they do not inform you of the minimum $15 per person even if you do not drink anything. Just a typical shady asian business.

    Karaoke sucks, machines are not user friendly unless you are fluent in Chinese, sound quality is awful and it was dead on a Saturday night, so I guess this is why they would have to rip off their customers in order to generate their revenue.

    I wouldnt wish it upon anyone to accidently stumble into this place thinking it is a nice place to do karaoke.

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    My family came here and had quite a good time singing karaoke. There were about 30 members of my family there and we just kept continually ordering from them based on whether more people wanted to eat. The food was really greasy and not that great so we didn't end up eating as much as we potentially could. When we were karaoked out-- we decided to just fill up at another restaurant. My uncle asked for the check and the manager rudely told us that there was a minimum of $15 per person.

    It would have been alright if we had been told of this policy before but there was no way that we could eat that much more food [and we didn't want to eat any more]. Their entrees were about $8 each so that would have meant that every person eat 2 dishes--that's outrageous.

    Eventually my uncle negotiated with them and they did not make us order more. Overall, the experience was horrible and I do not recommend this place.

    Food: 2
    Value: 0
    Service: 0

    Overall: 1

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    came here last night around midnight with my bf to meet my sister & her co-workers.

    the place was pretty empty for a friday night, but you could tell that the private rooms were mostly all taken. (we sat at the common area with the stage)

    the karaoke songs engine was in chinese, i can read it so it wasn't a problem for me. i know they have english songs but it was limited. (my sister & i tried to search for 'a whole new world')

    the wait staff was attentive and our drinks were refilled frequently. if you needed anything, just ask. as simple as that.

    the place was well put together with cool interior decorations and big flat screens. there was a bar and darts area for entertainment. overall, it was a fun night for us as we were the only table singing and taking over the stage, so there wasn't much waiting for our songs.

    i'd go back again.

    p.s smoking ALLOWED inside.

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