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    I went to an Energy Executive Mixer there yesterday.  The first person I met was someone who made toilet paper and sanitary napkins.   Odd.  The place itself was cute, its close to BP, and looked like it had a pretty diverse crowd.  It has more of a wine bar feel.  It's very small.   The bartender was very sweet, and poured me a FULL glass of wine.  I would have appreciated a happy hour price,but its Memorial, so no biggie.  It would be a nice place if I lived/worked in the area for a quick drink.

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    Nice place to get a drink with an exceptional bartender on Saturdays named Tracy.  She is the best!  Great attitude, fun conversation, and interesting people.  Plus, there is a wonderful little restaurant next door that will deliver to the bar.  I got a lovely steak sandwich for a decent price.

    I stopped by on another random day, and had another great bartender.  She was so friendly and offered to let me play with her iPad.  She said she liked to keep it in the bar for patrons to play with.  I had never seen one, and it was a great conversation starter for the people sitting at the bar.  Good times.

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    New cozy place in the energy corridor, nice new and clean but has a little character .  They have free wifi, perfect spot for a late afternoon meeting or happy hour.

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