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    Went here for a family dinner of 50. Tried about 10-12 dishes and loved all of it. My favorite was fried frog legs, fried calamari , clams and chicken wings.

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    I visited Red Velvet with friends for the College Model Search competition finals, and had an amazing night!

    One of the only Viet establishments around Houston that is smoke-free. I've been wanting to catch Viet singers when they visit Houston, but they're always at more traditional VIet establishments where you can barely see the entertainer right in front of you due to all the cigarette smoke clouding your vision.

    The fried rice was actually pretty good, the prices weren't unreasonable, the waitresses were pretty, and the entertainment was spectacular. I'd highly recommend this place for my not-so-Asian yelpers out there who want the Viet entertainment without the Viet accommodations.

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