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  • Takes Reservation
  • Has TV
  • WiFi
  • Smoking
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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    The bartenders, the regulars,  the jukebox, the reasonably priced drinks and the hand dryer in the bathroom..  All reasons why I love this place.  Small-ish, darkish and inviting...

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    I was born into this bar family 26 years ago... i was 3 days old.....This was back when the pub was the Westcrest and my grandfather John "Stats" Witzeman was the bartender... and if anyone here ever visits this place you will know he is there... he is a legend here... and the funniest most awesome person in the entire world..... this bar is awesome...small, good drinks, cold beer, friendly people and to me, its the Cheers of Houston...everyone knows everyone and has been going to this bar for over 20+years... Faye, Karen and Terry are all crazy cool people, and I love them all deeply! Stop in and say hi sometime! You will find lots of English people here, hence the irish pub...and they have great dart leagues as well...

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    We happened into this place accidentally when we couldn't get into the bar we wanted because of some big sporting event everyone was there to see on PPV. I am so happy our plans got changed!

    We were finishing up a birthday celebration and just wanted a shot or two for the birthday girl and some beers. We ended up playing steel tip darts for a couple hours and having the barkeep make us some of the best birthday cake shots ever! She never charged our designated driver for her sodas...always nice.

    The place is one of those throw back pub places. They seem to have a middle aged guy clientele who are all on a first name basis with the bartenders. All sat at the bar and greeted each other as if they all knew each other.

    They welcomed us warmly. Always nice when you're invading a guy space with a group of 8 women all celebrating a birthday!

    They know how to make a good drink and the black and tans were perfect! A pretty decent pub beer selection for such a small place too. They serve bar food like frozen pizzas but I've never eaten there as it's usually after dinner that we stop in.

    Smoking is allowed outside on the patio. They have a great retro jukebox selection and the guys didn't mind us playing several and singing along.

    It's close to my house and I've been back to toss some darts a couple times and plan to keep heading back in when I need a taste of friendliness and a black and tan.

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