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    Way better than the other karaoke places around here as far as sound quality in the rooms and staff. Definitely recommend this  place if you have a party of friends who want to rent out a private room.

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    I've been here a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a LOT. This place has great prices for an amazing environment. Their rooms are always nice and clean and spacious. They have small room that fit about 9ish people and bigger rooms that can fit up to around 17. The sound quality is amazing in the rooms. I know I'm a horrible singer but I had no qualms about singing there because everything is set so your voice will sound 3-4 times better :D

    There are a lot of Korean songs(it's a Korean Karaoke bar, what did you expect) but there is a huge selection of English songs. And unlike some karaoke places, the English selections their songs are very up to date! :D Personally, I love singing songs that are actually still playing in the clubs and on the radio :"P

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    Decor and tech are a little dated, but the yogurt soju alone is enough to carry this venue to greatness. Song selection includes Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Thai and English songs, so bring your polyglot friends. Cheap and great fun! Prompt service, as well.

    Despite the no smoking sign, some sort of cloud descended out of the vents that smelled suspiciously of cigarettes and despair. It was time to get out.

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