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    Came for a beer after dinner. Great decorations. Definitely a place to chill after a long day at work. It has a stage where live bands play jazz. The lounge has a projector and 2 TV's to make sure you don't miss any sports actions. It has been opened for 4 months and everything inside is new and pretty. Owners/bartenders are super nice and sociable, extremely attentive. I am going to start bringing my friends over whenever I am back in Houston!

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    Great Place! I was in Houston for the weekend, and looking for a nice chill spot to have some drinks, and hang out at. After checking out several bars around the plaza, we came across Stage Lounge. My first impression of the lounge was that it was clean, and the atmosphere was laid back. The staff was excellent, and friendly. Also, the live music made this place even better. I'd take that over loud club music where you can barely hear anything any day. Drinks and food were reasonably priced which was nice.

    Overall, would I come back here? Yes. Would I recommend this place? Absolutely.

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    Nice place to hangout. Need more musician to fill the stage. Been there two times for local music night and turn out was pretty fun. Really nice decoration and friendly bartenders.  it would be cool if the drink price is cheaper but manager is very generous so I guess it even out. Over roll will go visit again.

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