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    I can't sing well. Neither can most of my friends. But we sing anyway. Oh you don't appreciate that?  We can sing if we want to... we can leave your friends behind. ...Because your friends don't sing and if they don't sing well they're no friends of mine.

    Tell me that little jingle didn't just make you wanna go to the nearest karaoke bar and do the safety dance. Maybe not at Yes KTV, though. These guys have a few issues.

    I went here to celebrate a friend's birthday (is she diva? she is diva). Unfortunately, Yes KTV had some sort of sewage leak issue that-- I'll spare you the details-- caused the lobby/front room to reek of unmentionables. But alas, our birthday princess insisted we stay since she had a reservation and the place was still packed. So we persevered.

    For $35/hour, we had a small private room with big couches and a huge flat screen that would project knock-off music videos for our pleasure (like, weird 90's videos featuring the same blonde haired woman being rescued from a bearded rapist while various Britney Spears, O-Town, or Lil Wayne lyrics flashed on the screen. Seriously). We brought our own bottles, and for a $10-15 corkage fee, that's a steal.

    Unfortunately, most of our time was spent drinking and trying to figure out how to get the karaoke machine to function properly, rather than actually singing. You see, despite having a very technologically advanced system and a vast inventory of songs that would rival the congressional library, their little remote is about as functional as Lindsey Lohan in rehab. After about twenty minutes of frustrated button-punching and waving of the remote, we finally discovered the trick to getting it to play the song of our choice: you have it hold it just a little to the left, pointing directly at the blinking red light on the machine and then perform the entirety of the Swan Lake ballet. By the end of the second act, it should've registered your selection. You'll be singing Pitbull songs in no time. Red one! Dale! Whatever that means.

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    Meh. The service is okay and the song selection is really iffy. You still have to flip through laminated pages of outdated songs and guess at which one is the best version to play.

    The remote has to be aimed *just so* or else the Jay-Z song you thought you entered will, surprise, end up being that Miley Cyrus song you "abhor" but sing meekly anyways (because you actually know all the words).  

    The prices are NOT CHEAP, so make sure you hit critical mass with your group or else you'll be paying more than you expected. Hm, I thought this was Chinatown! I'll stick with Spotlight Karaoke, thanks.

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    So we came here two Fridays ago because we couldn't find another karaoke place that wasn't packed. The room rental was $35/hr, so it wasn't so bad. We brought two cases  of beer (which they will charge a service fee of $18/box) we only opened one, so they charged for one. Song selection was okay, not as much as we're used to. Overall we had a good time, the food took a while to come to the room and it was cold when we got it. The only thing I advise doing is to look over the bill thoroughly. They charged us for the bottle waters we didn't order and we had to check what all of the charges were and when we did the math, the tax didn't add up, so we assumed they included gratuity. They don't write tax or tip on the line item, so you'll have to double check that.

    All in all... I wouldn't come back unless we really really had to.

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