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    My husband and I live very close to this bar and have been in there a number of times. Before last week I would have said it was a nice place to go. Unfortunately since the bar was sold to it's new owner it has gone way down hill! Last Friday we went in for a few beers. The new owner and all his friends where there playing pool. At first this didn't seem to be a bad thing about ten minutes later my husband went outside to talk to the owner and left me alone. I was shocked when a VERY drunk man across the bad started immediately started doing cat calls and whistling at me!! It made me very uncomfortable and I did tell the bartender whom I have know for awhile and she told me it was the owners friend and she was sorry!! WHAT?? REALLY!! I got up and walked outside with my husband and the owner. I then preceded to explain what the man inside was doing. The owner look at me and said "Maybe he has had a lot to drink" Then tells the bartender to tell him to behave!! I was amazed he didn't go tell his friend to go home. We finished our beer and went to another bar!! I will never go in this place again. Lady's if you go in alone watch out for the friends!!

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    I came here on a Saturday night from 7-9PM, and this bar was pretty much dead. There were less than 10 customers total in the bar, which is actually just one enormous room. The bartender working that night was totally brand new and didn't know how to make mixed drinks. How can you be a bartender and not know how to make mixed drinks? I ordered a long island iced tea, and she has to use a recipe I Googled on my phone. It came out too strong, almost with a burnt taste. We ended up splitting the drink into two glasses and added sweet & sour mix. [The mix was pretty good.] I suppose for $6.50, I shouldn't complain too much.

    This bar has pool tables, shuffleboard, and a DJ. They don't serve food. People smoke inside, so the room stinks. The hard chairs, with the outer coverings somewhat ripped, have seen better days, and the whole place has a grungy, dirty feeling to it. Of the 4-5 tvs in the whole room, none are flat screen that I can remember). It's a local neighborhood bar, but for me, I'll pass.

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